Tuesday, 26 May 2009

MAC shell cream colour base review!

MAC cream colour base!This is my new fav highlight product, i use it for cheeks, highpoints, eyelid, brow bone and aroud the lip area. i have been using this every day now for 2 weeks and i have 2 say there is nothing used, this is going 2 last me a long time.

Shade description: Soft muted pinkish-beige with icy shimmer (Frost).

i also really love cream colour base in pearl i use it the same way as the shell.
Shade description: Soft pale gold with icy shimmer (Frost)

i have used these products every way, on top of foundation, on top of powder and it does not effect the foundation r powder in any way. which is fab sometimes cream products can remove foundation or cake ur powder. i have 2 say i have no problem with this.

other really good cream based highlihters( if you can get ur hands on them) r revlon skin lights, although i have never used them on the eyelid i can use the skinlights just about any where else on the face with a light hand. i know you can still pick these products up on ebay......

enjoy ur nite

L xxx

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