Monday, 20 July 2009

ST MORIZ Self tanner...

ST MORIZ Self tanner...
Hey guys so this has got to be my product of the month.. i had to try this after seeing lollipop26 review on this. and i am not disappointed..... I was worried at first because i didnt want to end up like the orange workers in charlie and the chocolate factory(umpa lumpa). to my suprise i loved it.. i was worried the next morning i was going to be streaky, and to be honest it was the best tanning i had ever done.. my first application was with my hands, and because this product drys really quick i got badly stained hands.. then i purchased a tanning mit from boots and this is unreal, it gave me an even coverage with out the worry of stained hands.. now the one problem i do have is i feel this product doesnt have great staying power, after one shower i have a slight colour and after 2 i feel i dont have any colour left... BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the really good thing is i can apply full body of tan in 5 mins, so its no problem to keep this up every day, r every other day, this is the easiest tan i have ever applied... there is no orange tinge of it, the smell of it is mild, so if ur goin out 4 a nite u dont really need 2 shower it b4 u go because it doesnt have a strong smell. i really have 2 give this product a 5 out of 5 , i dont have a bad thing 2 say about.. you can watch my review on youtube about this product:-) "st moriz review"

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